Grip updated and ported to Windows

Recently I was working on my indexed grep. Now it could be used with Boost library, as alternative to POSIX. There are build for Windows in the release page. This version could have issues when grepping file with lines longer than 16 kB due to my simplified implementation of getline. I will probably replace it with Boost code, eventually.

There is also significant performance improvement of index generation (gripgen). Now reading file names is not blocking indexer. Also memory organisation was changed to play nicer with cache. As a result indexing over SSD drive is several times faster. Unfortunately, mechanical drive is usually the bottleneck itself, so it will be not much difference. Lower CPU load maybe. And under Windows indexing is painfully slow due to Windows Defender (at least during my test on Windows 10). It looks like Defender is scanning every file that I am opening for indexing. Excluding binary files might help, I guess.

And since file list is read asynchronously, now I could print pretty percentage progress. Of course gripgen can do it after it reads entire list, thus feeding it with find will not show you percentages until find ends.

I was also cleaning up the code, refactoring build system and adding unit tests. Further changes will be mainly polishing and bug fixing, I think. Or not, if I’ll have some great feature idea. We will see.