Porting AutoMapa 6.10 to SIMPad

Yes, I bought new SIMPad – most powerful model SLC.

My last port of AutoMapa is a little bit outdated so I decided to port the new version (6.10B). After changing architecture differences (same as in my previous port) new problem arose – missing function imported from coredll.dll. It is imported by wce24Am.exe by ordinary number (1777). IDA claims that it is EnumDisplaySettings. It appears that this function is never used, but I’m not sure. It returns 0 when fails.

I changed the ordinary number in IAT to 113 (good as any other value exported by coredll.dll) and changed the calling routine to nop instruction. Now it will always return 0.

Unfortunately, AutoMapa developers claims that this is the last version of this product for Windows CE 4.20.