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  1. Hello Michal – hope all is well. I found your website very interesting. I need help. I have been hired to debrand ATT Blackberry 8310’s with a specific wake-up banner and then background with a picture of someone. Basically a private label job. Can you help? Please.

    Kind regards,

    Jordan Perry


    Jordan D. Perry, Jr.

  2. Hey MIcha艂,
    I’m one of the ex-owners of great SL45i. I used to sent you some documents about C166 Assembler. Well, recently I recall that old times. Do you still have that phone? You can write me and e-mail, if you want to get back memories together. Write in polish please. My english is not good engough for longer conversation 馃檪

  3. Hello Michal, I was wondering if it is possible to batch process SubSync on Windows.



  4. Cze艣膰 Micha艂,

    Dzi臋ki za SubSync, robi dobr膮 robot臋!
    Zastanawia艂em si臋 czy m贸g艂by艣 doda膰 w Ustawieniach, aby mo偶na by艂o ustawi膰 domy艣lny j臋zyk dodawanych napis贸w i domy艣lny j臋zyk audio.
    Obecnie zawsze po w艂膮czeniu programu przy polu Napisy i Referencja jest . Fajnie by by艂o, gdyby mo偶na to ustawi膰 zawsze np. napisy na polskie, a audio na angielski.

  5. @Kuba,
    Najnowsza wersja pami臋ta ostatnio wybrane j臋zyki.

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  7. Your services are just what I鈥檓 looking for. Please call me at 0037168222520 to discuss them.

  8. Witam, jestem zainteresowany Wasz膮 ofert膮, by艂bym bardzo wdzi臋czny gdyby kto艣 m贸g艂 zadzwoni膰 do mnie, poniewa偶 chcia艂bym dosta膰 wi臋cej informacji. M贸j numer 801624565, dzi臋kuj臋.

  9. Witam, poniekt贸re z Waszych us艂ug bardzo mnie zainteresowa艂y, ale chcia艂bym uzyska膰 wi臋cej informacji. Czy kto艣 m贸g艂by do mnie prosz臋 zadzwoni膰, m贸j numer to 801624565

  10. Hello Michal,

    I looked for the correlation algorithm of SubSync, to understand how to tweak advanced settings for successful sync.

    I spent all my day to sync the CC that I found in a torrent named “Last.Week.Tonight.with.John.Oliver.S07E05.1080p.WEB.H264-XLF[rarbg]”. Even I’ve taken out all extra explanations in brackets, after making some manual fixings.

    I could have made it manually in 3 hours, but I believe I could have done with SubSync. Because I had a couple of quite successful attempts before. Help please before I go nutz.

    Humanity needs you.

  11. Hello,

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    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Ivan Bondarenko

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  13. Hello,

    Your SubSync tool doesn’t work for me.

    I am trying to sync English subs to Serbian audio to watch Black Sun S02 and even though Serbian is in your drop down list I get an error saying it could not be synced because Serbian is not supported. Then why have it in the drop down list to choose from to begin with?

    I’d really hoped your tool would help me with my sub syncing issues and I would even be happy to donate if it would.

    Is this something you can look into adding soon?

    Thank you,

  14. Hi jody,
    Serbian audio is not supported, but you still can synchronize with Serbian subtitles.

  15. Love your product. Works very well, however I do have a small question.
    Because I need to run snap (linux), it cannot operate with other mounted drives (/mnt/hgst1/movies/)
    Do I need to run subsync in sudo or is it a snap issue?

  16. Hello Michal,

    FYI: I tried the Mac version of SubSync 17 and the Mac OS (Apple silicon, not Intel) tells me it is damaged. Version 16 works. Many thanks, Jim

  17. Cze艣膰 Michal
    I downloaded 2 versions for Mac OS X but these versions won’t launch. For 0.16.0 the “Security and Privacy” dialog box asks me to authorize installation, but won’t launch after. For 0.17.0 “Security and Privacy” from Apple said: “Subsync” is damage and can’t open. My OS is High Sierra 10.13.6. Thank you for your feedback. Regards

  18. Is it possible to make subtitles to be placed on the audio track each separately instead of being shifted as a whole? And also to make the beginning and end of subtitles coincide with the beginning and end of phrase pronunciation?


  20. He there motherfucker, You need to finish your errors in the subsync if you publish some software