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Blackberry COD Extractor

My software that I’ve created to extract some useful information from COD files.

It is able to read:

  • application name,
  • version number,
  • vendor string,
  • description,
  • creation time,
  • icon file.
Works under Linux & Windows.
Sources are available on GitHub, binary for Windows – here:

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  1. Hello, thanks for the Blackberry COD Extractor. I wandering this is the tool I need. Is this tool still maintained?

    I have try to a BlackBerry OS7 App. When I use the tool, It says that the COD file is compressed so I need to extract it first. It does not give me any sense. Can you please tell me what should I do? Thank you.


  2. Hmm, yes I have change the file as ZIP then extract it. So I can see some internal CODs are available. Now I know this tool is quite useful for getting COD information/description. Can you confirm me that this tool can also modify the COD file. Thank you!


  3. It is only an extractor and I have no plan to develop it any further, sorry.