Blackberry COD Extractor

My software that I’ve created to extract some useful information from COD files.

It is able to read:

  • application name,
  • version number,
  • vendor string,
  • description,
  • creation time,
  • icon file.
Works under Linux & Windows.
Sources are available on GitHub, binary for Windows – here: [Download not found]

Researching COD file format

Recently I made some research in order to extract certain information from Blackberry application files. I found useful information on Dr. {B0lsen} blog (headers, section layout – really great work). I’ve investigated resources layout – it contains fields like application name, description, icon file etc. During my research I’ve been able to clarify some aspect of Dr. {Bolsen} description (still I’ll appreciate your work), and resulting in this paper.

[Download not found]

I hope someone find it useful.