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C++ was my first real programming language, I’ve started my journey with it about 10 years ago. I’ve created different kind of applications (e.g. platform game like Mario). I know how to write readable, optimised, object-oriented code as well as the procedural code. I know STL well, but I’m not afraid of C language too. I know the difference between pointers and references. I’ve managed plenty of low level projects including microcontrollers (e.g. BrainFuck compiler for Intel 8051, several small projects running on Atmel Atmega chips). I like these languages pretty much, but the real fun is Assembler.


I’ve started around the year 2000, and it was Infineon C166 built into old Siemens SL45i cellphone. Since then I’ve managed code for variety of architectures, from 8-bit to 64-bit, with and without OS API. I’ve played with Intel 8051 (e.g. Multithread Environment System), Infineon C166 (arcade game Archer for Siemens SL45i), many ARM-based devices (with and without Thumb mode, mostly mobile devices). At some point there was also Intel 8080 and 8086, but I have nothing special to present. Of course, I’ve programmed for x86 and x86-64 too. I am also familiar with the CIL (Common Intermediate Language) –  Microsoft .NET “objective assembler”.

Other languages

C# and Java (I’m not as fluent as in C++, but still pretty good), I have some basics with PHP, Pascal, Delphi, SQLJavascript and probably some other languages too.

Reverse Engineering

Desktop software

I’ve decompiled and debugged hundreds of programs. It was mostly x86ARM and C166 architectures, but also CIL and many others. I could modify software (MSI Wind – Control manager patch), discover file formats (Blackberry COD file format), discover network protocols (Samsung TV Network Remote Control protocol), unpack packed executables (unpacking PKLITE), port software into another machine/architecture (porting AutoMapa to SimPAD) and of course crack software. I posted here some of my work, but I am not allowed to publish most of them.

Mobile devices

I’ve started reversing with mobile phones firmware. It was Siemens SL45i with the Infineon C166 CPU. I’ve created some easy-to-use firmware modifications and later some native applications loaded from memory card, using discovered firmware functions.

My second cellphone was Siemens SX1 with Texas Instruments OMAP310 ARM9 CPU (with Symbian OS). I’ve created several firmware patches. I have some experience with other ARM‘s (old HTC and Blackberry smartphones) and StrongARM (Siemens SimPAD tablet – I’ve ported AutoMapa to run on this architecture) also.


I know how to project and build electronic hardware, I’ve made several devices with microcontrolers (clocks, motor drivers, interfaces connected to PC) and other digital and analogue devices (amplifiers, speaker filters, etc.). I know how to solder (including SMD technology), project and create PCB (Printed Circuit Board). I am able to create device with microcontroler from the beginning to end including projecting, creating PCB, soldering and programming.

I’ve successfully repaired hundreds of cellphones, laptops and other devices.

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  1. Witam,

    Widze ze jest Pan obeznany z mozliwoscia kontrolowania telewizorow Samsunga przez ethernet,
    Mozna by podeslac Panu platne zleconko?
    Mam system fibaro (automatyka domowa) jest tam mozliwosc programowania w LUA
    Potrzebowalbym programiku w LUA ktory moglbym zaaplikowac do sterowania telewizorem,
    Jakie modele moglyby wchodzic w gre czy na przyklad UE46D8000 daloby sie zintegrowac
    Co prawda telewizora nie mam ale chce kupic jakis ktory daloby sie sterowac przez ethernet

    Ile Pan sobie zyczy za wykonanie zlecenia


    Marcin Szumilo

  2. Please get back to me on a reverse engineering project.


  3. Hello,

    I’m involved in some project where I think You can help a lot. The Project is related to Z10 and Q10 BB, loaders and similiar..

    I believe we can do business with You.

    Please let me know Your opinion.

    Best regards