My email address is sc0typl [at] gmail [dot] com (with zero, not a letter o)

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  1. Hello Michal – hope all is well. I found your website very interesting. I need help. I have been hired to debrand ATT Blackberry 8310’s with a specific wake-up banner and then background with a picture of someone. Basically a private label job. Can you help? Please.

    Kind regards,

    Jordan Perry


    Jordan D. Perry, Jr.

  2. Hey MIchał,
    I’m one of the ex-owners of great SL45i. I used to sent you some documents about C166 Assembler. Well, recently I recall that old times. Do you still have that phone? You can write me and e-mail, if you want to get back memories together. Write in polish please. My english is not good engough for longer conversation 🙂

  3. Hello Michal, I was wondering if it is possible to batch process SubSync on Windows.